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#NUTRIASIAHAPPYSHED: The Most Creative Bus Stop In BGC

Why not make waiting for the bus more fun? At the NutriAsia Bus Stop along 30 th street, commuters are in for a one-of-a-kind waiting experience. NutriAsia, the maker of the country’s top and biggest pinoy condiments transforms an ordinary bus shed into one of the most exciting spots in the city.

The bus stop showcases NutriAsia’s different brands and is dressed-up with fun designs and interactive activities all throughout the year.

Summer Time? Juice Do It!

To kick off the summer season, NutriAsia’s bus stop featured its unique line of Locally blended juice drinks – which are 100% Homegrown & made in the Philippines. The bus stop was designed after the iconic Pinoy jeepney that showcased the different cities in the Philippines where the juices were sourced from. Enjoying the refreshing local juices while discovering the beauty of our home country. How’s that for a geography lesson?


No Valentines date? Not a problem, as anyone who visited the Nutriasia bus stop sure felt kilig after getting a chance to have a photo op with Datu Puti BBQrrific Marinade’s endorsers – the phenomenal love team, Alden and Maine (or Aldub). You can choose cheesy pickup lines to say to Maine or receive a not-so-traditional yet deliciously sweet BBQ bouquet from Alden. Either way, you’ll leave the bus stop on a high.

The Declaration of Independence

In celebration of our country’s Independence, Nutriasia bus stop transformed into a mini- museum that featured interesting trivia about Philippine history as well as interactive activities that you can play with while waiting for your bus. It also had fun facts about our national dish – Adobo like how it has evolved through the years. Who knew that even the way we cook Adobo has been revolutionized by Datu Puti Adobo Series with its easy to use range of adobo sauces! Now that’s proudly Pinoy!

Happy Halloween

A different Halloween surprise sure awaited commuters in the Nutriasia bus stop! Who knew that even witches and vampires are avid fans of Datu Puti, UFC Banana Catsup and Mang Tomas? This just shows that Nutriasia products are well-loved by everybody, even the scariest and spookiest of them all.

Commuting in BGC will never be the same with Nutriasia bus stop. We’re already counting down the days to see what Nutriasia will come up with next! Any guesses?

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