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Why It’s More Fun In BGC

Bonifacio Global City has been around for awhile now and it still doesn’t run out of gimmicks to create a cheerful place for BGCitizens. If you’re wondering what still makes it the best place to have fun, here are some of the reasons why:

Built for people to harness their creativity

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BGC advocates public art programs that joins together artists to create visually-pleasing elements sprinkled everywhere. Check out the colorful murals, impressive statues, and interactive artworks scattered around the city for a more enjoyable stroll! Each one unique with their own powerful message for a perfect pick-me up.

Street performances are everywhere

Aside from the colorful community, BGC is also a home for independent artists who want spread the love through music. BGC’s Impromptu Singers serenade the crowd with their soulful covers and original songs to help set the mood and give everyone a fun night out.

Quirky traffic lights
BGC’s streets come alive, especially during the holiday season. In true BGC fashion, there’s always something quirky and fun to look forward to – like having Christmas trees and hearts telling you when to stop and go.

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Guarded by the friendliest marshalls

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What makes BGC a fun and safe space is the marshalls. They are the friendliest of the bunch and are always ready to lend a helping hand. If you need help in changing flat tires, directions, or just plain being honest and returning valuable lost and found items, you can count on these guys!

This year, BGC marshals also gave away Cadbury chocolates and Yum Burgers to motorists who follow the rules. Be a responsible BGCitizen and you might just be rewarded!

Cool bus stops

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BGC is able to make something as mundane bus trips more fun. Check out popular bus stops like NutriAsia, Fort Victoria and Crescent Park which are full of information and interactive displays to make the time waiting for the bus go faster. Commuting – more fun in BGC.

Diverse community

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There’s always something to do in the home of passionate minds. After a long day at work, BGCitizens turn to their city to unwind and have some fun. Whether this is to spend the night dancing, settling down with a cup of hot chocolate or sprinting your way to a healthy lifestyle – BGC has everything you need to be everything you want to be.

Witty street signs and reminders

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In the streets of BGC, cars aren’t the only ones flowing but creativity as well. The area is also filled with the most quirky signs you can find in the Metro. Located on the 31st Street and 2nd Avenue are eye-catching reminders to “WATCH OUT” for uneven sidewalk pavers and “LOOK” to your left before crossing!

Parking wouldn’t be a problem for bikers, too! Just find the signs “Park Your Bikes Here” and continue to stroll the city with your own feet.

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For people with fur babies, let them run free and enjoy the green grass of Burgos Circle. And once they poop, you’ll immediately see a sign that will always remind you to scoop!

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Family-friendly events

Since BGC is a place for everyone, they hold events that are fun and family-friendly! Every weekend, they close the 9th Avenue for a pop-up playground perfect not only for kids but for the kids at heart as well.

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For bibliophiles, check out The Book Stop Project located in front of Figaro for amazing titles recommended by fellow bookworms.

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Learn how to ride a bike with the help of the National Bike Organization who offers free bike lessons for everyone on Sundays!

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Home of a lot of firsts

You may not know it but BGC is also a home of a lot of firsts in the Philippines. For coffee lovers in need of a quick cup to-go, Starbucks Drive Thru is your best bet! The the very first Philippine drive thru branch opened in Crossroads in 2010.

BGC also decided to take your movie viewing experience to the next level when they opened Central Square’s 4DX, the first 4D theatre in the country which launched in 2014. Take your movie going experience to the next level with their state of the art motion chairs and weather effects including mist, lightning and fog.

Check out the first ever permanent T-Rex exhibit in the Philippines, Stan, in The Mind Museum! Discover a 1.2-hectare museum filled with hundreds of fun facts.

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BGC is also equipped with the first ever local turf field TurfBGC for professional soccer games and training. For adrenaline junkies, try the first and only full-sized Flying Trapeze in the city to experience the thrilling feels of what’s it like to be in the air.

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